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About the Book: The Cell Phone Handbook

Buy The Cell Phone HandbookCellular phones have gone from a “gee whiz” curiosity to an indispensable communications link for more than 100 million U.S. subscribers. Despite cell phones' enormous popularity, it has been difficult to get reliable, objective information on which to base purchases and maximize performance.

Until now. This book gives you a solid understanding of wireless technologies so you can make an informed purchase decision the next time you buy wireless equipment or services.

It explains and compares wireless technologies such as analog vs. digital, PCS, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, and PACS. It includes coverage maps and appendices that list available carriers in all parts of the country.

You will learn how to transmit fax, email, and data over wireless phones. You will also get an insider's view of how the industry works and where it is headed.

If the Cell Phone Handbook is too technical for you, try the Cell Phone Buyer's Guide. One hundred pages of only the basics. Hold your own with the best of sales reps. Know what you want before you shop.

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Trade Reviews (for the first edition)

Today's Books
“Motorola vet and current head of wireless consulting firm, Penelope Stetz, Euclid Ohio, provides business and consumer guide to myriad technical choices on marketplace, how to transmit fax, email, data over your cellular phone.”

Midwest Book Review
“From understanding the differences between analog and digital cell phones to choosing between carriers and services, this provides all the basic information on how to understand the current options on the market and how to use the cell phone to conduct business... the only handbook to delve into the workings of the cell phone with in-depth attention.”

SciTech Book News
Offers general readers objective information on which to base cell phone purchases and maximize performance. Traces the history of cellular phones, explains how wireless telephony works and how to acquire wireless equipment and service, and discusses the essentials of roaming, fraud, using wireless phones for data, and accessories. Includes a chapter of frequently asked questions, plus many appendices on manufacturers, market areas, and carriers.”

Independent Business
... lives up to its title... valuable information that will help cellular users get the most out of their communications investment. The cellular shopper will find here a lucid description of the different options and the best choices based on specific needs and usage patterns.”

Family Motor Coaching
... a must for anyone trying to sort out the many options available in wireless phones... will lead you through the various technologies so you'll be better prepared to comparison-shop for equipment and service.”

Small Business Opportunities
... will help you navigate and maximize wireless technologies so you can make informed purchase decisions.”

Brian McIntosh, About.com Guide for Telecommunications
Penelope has done a wonderful job of mixing some great technical information about digital and analog cellular systems with down-to-earth advice on how to select a cell phones and a company to provide service. The book covers the history of analog, digital, and PCS as well as explaining all the different standards (AMPS, TDMA, CDMA, etc.). There are sections on how to select service, roaming, and even fraud. There are also some great maps and tables that allow you to find the companies that are servicing your area with digital, analog, and PCS service. A good book for the novice, and a great reference for the seasoned user!”

Customer Comments (for the first edition):

kevmorris from Silicon Valley
Ever wonder what people did for portable telephony before cell phones? Ever wonder how cell phones came about and how they have developed? Ever wonder how a cellular system works? Ever wonder what the difference between cellular and PCS is? Or digital vs. analog? Or a dozen other questions regarding cell phones? Then this is a good book for you.
This book tries to answer just about every question you could have about cellular phones and the technology associated with them, and it does a pretty darn good job of doing so without having to have an engineering degree to understand it all.

J. Douglas from Reno, USA
Very good information. It will help my brother who is an electrical engineer. Thank you. This is for Penelope, please... I like to know all about repair, service of cellular phones. I like to know what books or course could help me on this matter.

Kris Howe from Toronto, Ontario
A MUST read for anyone who wants to know a little or a lot about cellular service! The Cell Phone Handbook can give you all the information, (and then some,) that you need to become a knowledgeable member of the wireless phenom. It is well written and succinct. If you happen to be in the cellular industry then it is a great reference guide as it is also more than the basics. Regardless of your reason for reading, from basic to advanced, you will get your money's worth. The GLOSSARY alone makes this book a bargain!

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Dave Rohm from Atlanta, GA
The author took the time to compile some very helpful information in the appendices of this book. After reading the clearly written overview of the industry, this information was very helpful to me both at work and for personal use. In this industry the vocabulary and jargon are thick, and the glossary alone in this book make it worth the price. But the clear writing is what really makes it worth your time, and the appendices are full of valuable details on the geographical breakdown of the market.

Thomas D. Sullivan from New York
Penelope Stetz ably covers a lot of ground, clearly describing cell phone technology as well as the pros and cons of various types of wireless equipment and services. This book is a model of how to explain a technical subject for both beginners and experienced users.

Amrit B. Tiwana from Atlanta, Georgia
Comprehensive, insightful, and fun to read This book is a very well written and in-depth treatment of cellular telephony technology. Not only does it provide extensive coverage of the basics of cell phone technology, it also covers more advanced topics such as roaming and zoning. If you've been unfortunate enough to fall into the trap of a cell phone service provider with a "$20/month" plan and soon realized that you're trapped footing $60/month bills for your service, you'll soon realize why this book is also very practical. I love the way the author discusses (p.75) the process of making service choices using an interactive worksheet. Having taught classes on telecommunications in a business school at the university level, and having gone through the process of making a book choice for my entire classes, I truly believe that this book is the best I've seen on the topic. A comprehensive index, a fun to read FAQ chapter (that answers questions that are sometimes even embarrassing to ask), and a clear writing style make this a cool addition to my book shelf. For sure, this book is worth every dollar.

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Cindy Kappler from Arizona
My husband and I have had a cell phone for several years. We've used it often but never really understood how it works or whether or not we had the best plan for our needs or even if we had the right phone. The Cell Phone Handbook answered all of our questions and provided us with all kinds of additional information.
The book is full of details if you want to know everything there is to know about cell phones but it's organized in such a way that you can easily find the topic you are looking for and you can read as much or as little as you want about it. For example, Chapter 3 - Wireless Equipment and Services - describes the type of phones that are available and provides a detailed checklist to help you determine what kind of phone to buy. It also discusses where you can buy cell phones and how to determine if you're getting the best deal. Chapter 4 describes in detail what roaming is and how it works, and Chapter 9 is full of frequently asked questions about cell phones and their use. Questions range from the basic “Are cell phones safe to use?” to the much more complicated, “Which carrier is offering dual NAM in my market?”
I highly recommend the Cell Phone Handbook to anyone who wants to know a little more or a lot more about the cell phone industry and how it works. It is well organized and easy to read. No matter what your current level of knowledge is, if you want to learn more about cell phones, this is the book for you.

Dave Stuartman from California
I got a lot of information from this book, it even has listings of internet services for wireless phones. A friend of mine referred me to one of those services also. I get to read my emails on my cell phones, or the a Web site, they are all getting Internet on the phones.

J. Y. Lee from Chicago, Illinois
Wireless telephone products have become more and more confusing and difficult to understand. I always wonder if I should just purchase any phone that will fit my budget or should I worry about whether the phone uses CDMA or TDMA technologies. I like to ask why there are so many kinds of batteries to choose from? And the questions go on. Luckily I found the book that has everything I need to know about the cellular phone. Now not only I know what I should do but also I know why. It is a good feeling when you finally know what this is all about. Thank you, Penelope.

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